Should I Pursue the new FP&A Certification?

Should I Pursue the new FP&A Certification? As the AFP ups the ante in their marketing of the upcoming FP&A certification discussions are bound to come up around the question of who should pursue the certification and why the FP&A instead of one of the other certifications out there. In fact, in the FP&A Linkedin group I manage there has already seen discussion around this, so here is my take. First, in the interest of full disclosure, I will be teaching the AFP’s review course for the FP&A beta exam. This may present the appearance of bias on my part, […]

AFP Launches New Learning System for FP&A Certification

The AFP’s new FP&A certification is launching a new learning system to provide those pursuing the credential with study materials for the certification exam. They will also be offering a three day intensive review course. The AFP’s learning system will include content from the reference materials they used to develop FP&A exam. Check their post on Linkedin or their website for details on the curriculum. Their discount for those registering for the beta test will be substantial, so if you are thinking about getting the credential you may want to give serious consideration to getting in on the beta test.  

Leadership Tips from Political Observations

A recent article in Inc., “What You Can Learn From Romney’s Inauthenticity” paints an interesting picture of the importance of people skills to leaders of all types. Whether you are a leader in politics or business, the lesson is the same.  Lacking people skills will hurt you as a leader.  There is no way around that truth.  The article’s author, John Baldoni, gives a few simple points to learn from Romney’s shortcomings.  They are: 1. Shift the focus from you to others. 2. Let down your guard. 3. Roll with the punches. 4. Stand tall. 5. Act the part. It’s […]