The Importance of Communication Skills

FPA Group Managing Director John Sanchez was recently interviewed by KForce about the critical importance of communication skills. While most FP&A professionals devote time to improving their technical skills every year, few spend any time honing their communication skills. FP&A professionals are routinely called upon to communicate with others in their own company and frequently must deal with people outside their organization, as well. Being effective in this communication is key to success in this role. Read the full article on the KForce website where John was interviewed.

Leadership Tips from Political Observations

A recent article in Inc., “What You Can Learn From Romney’s Inauthenticity” paints an interesting picture of the importance of people skills to leaders of all types. Whether you are a leader in politics or business, the lesson is the same.  Lacking people skills will hurt you as a leader.  There is no way around that truth.  The article’s author, John Baldoni, gives a few simple points to learn from Romney’s shortcomings.  They are: 1. Shift the focus from you to others. 2. Let down your guard. 3. Roll with the punches. 4. Stand tall. 5. Act the part. It’s […]

Drive the Bus – How simplicity and certainty of purpose can transform your organization

I am a big fan of John Maxwell and his writings and teachings in the field of leadership.  He uses a simple analogy that I find useful in many contexts.  Let’s look at how you can apply it in your organization to drive positive change. Be Clear About Where the Bus is Going This is the simplest and most important part of this whole story.  For the rest of the plan to work you must be crystal clear about where you are going as an organization.  Without clarity of purpose and a clear direction to go in there is every […]