Do most Hollywood movies grab and hold your attention more than the typical meeting or PowerPoint presentation? If you answered yes, that’s because good movie makers understand storytelling. Our storytelling training will show you how to adapt basic elements of effective storytelling to business and give you techniques to understand your audience so you maximize the impact of your stories. Here is a preview of the course:

Most finance professionals focus their communication on facts, but research in neuroscience tells us that people make decisions based on emotion. Facts alone rarely influence people, and stories put facts into context, allowing people to emotionally connect with the meaning behind the data. Stories also move people to action and increase knowledge retention. Research shows recall of facts within a story is 6 times higher than recall of facts communicated without a story. The same story elements that make movies engrossing can be effectively used in business to make complex ideas easy to understand and to get people to act on your message. Learning how to properly integrate stories in your communications will increase your influence and transform your professional effectiveness.