FPA Group I help FP&A professionals get their career on the fast track with leveraged learning.
I help FP&A professionals get their career on the fast track with leveraged learning.

About Us

Public Accounting to FP&A

Hi, I’m John Sanchez, Managing Director of FPA Group and the host of the FP&A Fast Track podcast. 

I have over 20 years of experience including time spent in public accounting at Kenneth Leventhal & Co. (an E&Y predecessor firm), M&A work and years of FP&A experience as both a corporate practitioner and consultant.

I transitioned to corporate finance and worked at several companies you may have heard of, including AutoNation USA, Arby’s, and Royal Caribbean Cruises. I served in various roles in financial planning and analysis, mergers & acquisitions and corporate development.

Transition into Training & Development

In 2013, I spoke at a Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) annual conference and I fell in love with training FP&A professionals. Since then, I have spoken at numerous national conferences and expanded my work into developing and delivering a variety of training solutions.


I host a weekly podcast called FP&A Fast Track, where I interview FP&A experts and thought leaders. I get them to share their knowledge, lessons learned and insights to help you put your FP&A career on the fast track.

For each episode, I share highlight clips throughout the week and then publish the full episode on Friday.  


The FP&A Fast Track newsletter is published weekly and includes valuable content from the podcast, leading business books and content from courses I offer. The podcast content is not just highlight clips, which are shared on social media. The newsletter also contains a time-stamped selected highlight index so you can go directly to the parts of the interview that interest you most.


The podcast brings some of the best content from some of the most prominent FP&A experts in the world. My courses are where I offer my own unique content where I focus on Leveraged Learning. Leverage Learning is simply what we call focusing first on the 20% of things that provide 80% of the results to identify “what” to teach. Then, we develop training content that is designed and delivered in a way that meets several criteria that makes it unique:

  1. Showing, not telling – We focus on showing, rather than telling. For example, a comedian could tell you they are funny and logically explain how they can make you laugh and offer testimonials of other people who say they are funny. Alternatively, the comedian could just make YOU laugh. When you finish one of our courses, you will have already seen skills demonstrated and in most cases, you will have tried out your new skill IN the course so you can implement it right away.
  2. Practical and tactical – We focus on practical skills that are useful in the real world, not just interesting ideas. By tactical, we mean things that can be applied quickly, not just thought about in theory.
  3. Entertaining and science-based – We implement a variety of training approaches that take advantage of science-based learning strategies that make learning easier, help you retain what you learn better and longer, and are just flat out fun.

We offer courses in a variety of formats to meet your unique needs.


For groups, like FP&A departments, who want to train as a team, we offer live group training.


For those who prefer more self-paced individual training, we offer self-paced recorded courses and cohort-based multi-modal training.


Coaching is for people who want a more focused, tailored learning experience.


I host and manage a group on LinkedIn called FP&A Financial Planning and Analysis Group, which has over 10,000 members. The group is focused on helping FP&A professionals share knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices. It’s also a great place to share challenges that other group members might be able to help you find solutions to. If you work in FP&A, you are welcome to join, and it’s totally free. Click here to join the group.