We help accounting and finance leaders upgrade their communication skills.

We help accounting and finance professionals upgrade their communication skills.

How can we help you with your training needs?

We help accounting and finance professionals master communication skills and increase their confidence in using those skills. We do this through our training and development courses which we develop and deliver in a variety of media and delivery methods. This one minute video gives you a taste of what we do and how we do it.

We also offer training programs on several related topics related to communication skills, including emotional intelligence, leadership and implementation of skills you learn. Without taking action, knowledge and skills you gain from training are only potential power, so we also teach people how to consistently take action and implement what they learn in our training programs.

If you want consistently above average results call me now at  704-970-7146 or send me a message to info@thefpagroup.com.

P.S. One of my specialties is providing Continuing Education training for CPAs. As a former accountant, I know that audience particularly well.