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07-CBWJ-Resiliency is a Learnable Skill

Resiliency has always been a valuable skill. Lately it is revealing itself as a critical skill. In his seminal work on the topic of resiliency, Al Siebert, PhD describes resiliency as the ability to:

  1. Cope with high levels of ongoing disruptive change;
  2. Sustain good health and energy when under constant pressure;
  3. Bounce back easily from setbacks;
  4. Overcome adversities;
  5. Change to a new way of working and living when an old way is no longer possible; and
  6. Do all this without acting in dysfunctional or harmful ways.

Resiliency is a learnable skill. Sure, some people are naturally more resilient than others. Some people learn resiliency without ever formally studying it, but some people just accept a lack of resiliency as a permanent state of being.

Resiliency is actually not something you have. Resiliency is something you DO. Stay tuned for more in-depth discussions and training on the topic of resiliency.